Google Assistant gets a new personalized news feature

Google Assistant gets a new personalized news feature
Smart speakers are a big part of everyday life for a large number of people, and Google just added a new feature that might make you want to use your Google Home more often.

The feature is called Your News Update, and it’s available starting today. Listening to the news from a virtual assistant isn’t a new concept, but Google’s feature offers a personalized feed that you can customize to your liking anytime. 

In your Assistant settings, you can now choose whether to listen to a standardized update or create a customized feed. If you choose the latter, the app will direct you to choose which sources you want Google to incorporate. A large number of sources are already supported, including news channels like CNN, of course, and local radio news stations.

The beauty of this new feed is that you can curate your own collection of relevant news, starting from world news and working your way to local stories. You can add Billboard for the latest in music or NBA to keep tabs on sports. Your News Report is available across Google Home devices and smartphones with Google Assistant. It’s only available in English and the US for now, but we could see it expand overseas in the coming months.

To activate the new feature, make sure your Google app is up-to-date and look for the News tab under Assistant settings.


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