Google Assistant gets Tile integration

Google Assistant gets Tile integration
In 2012, Tile almost single-handedly created a new market for Bluetooth trackers to help you keep tabs on all of your easily lost belongings. Now, the company’s devices work with Google Assistant to make finding your keys, wallet, or anything else a lot easier.

Google and Tile jointly announced Assistant integration for every Tile tracker, including the original Mate and the miniature Tile Sticker. Once you link your Tile account to your Google devices on the Home app, you’ll be able to locate your tags through voice commands.

According to Google, you’ll be able to ask a Nest device to ring your Tile or give you its most recent location. If it’s in your home, you might be told that it’s near your Kitchen speaker, for example, while Tiles further from home will give you the closest street address.

Tile joins the list of more than five thousand devices that officially work with Google. These small but significant additions to the Google Home ecosystem could give it an edge over competitors like Alexa.

On the other hand, integration with Google might give Tile just what it needs to stay dominant in the market as rumours of Apple’s alleged AirTags continue to surface. If the iPhone maker debuts its own Bluetooth trackers soon, Tile will need every boost it can get.

Do you use any Tile trackers, and if so, have you connected them to your Google Home yet?


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