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Google Apps users get Play Private Channel

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Google Apps users get Play Private Channel
This was a relatively minor announcement yesterday, but it's one that has some pretty impressive implications for Google's presence in enterprise. Yesterday, Google announced a new feature for Google Apps users which would allow for a Google Play Private Channel, which will make it much easier for businesses to distribute in-house mobile apps to its employees. 

Google Apps users get Play Private Channel
Basically, the new Play Private Channel is designed to be a dedicated section within the Play Store where employees can easily install any proprietary apps that are designed for use within the company. So, the business can use the Google Play Developer Console to manage the apps, and employees just need to log in with their Google Apps account to access the Private Channel. 

This could be a great option not only for enterprise, but education and government as well, where there may be internal apps that need to be distributed. Internal apps will no longer need to be side-loaded, meaning the security settings for side-loading apps can be kept on. 

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