Gold-plated iPhone 6 Elite versions already up on preorder for a hefty price

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Gold-plated iPhone 6 Elite versions already up on preorder for a hefty price
Luxury phone studio Goldgenie has outed its first batch of iPhone 6 tuning solutions, depicting in full detail what the phone could end up looking like. Goldgenie will offer Apple's 4.7" handset under the iPhone 6 Elite title in gold, platinum, and the funky rose gold for hefty prices, which depend on which precious metal execution you pick. There is even a limited Gulf Collection, with laser-engraved emblems of the seven Gulf States, for, you know, those most likely to buy such phones.

The company claims that it will have handsets set apart for its gold-plating craft immediately after release, "expected within a few weeks." Also, "having built a wide international following amongst discerning luxury connoisseurs and celebrities for their pioneering craftsmanship Goldgenie understand from experience that when the latest iPhone launches, demand for their luxury customised range of iPhones outstrips supply.... the phone is currently being offered at the iPhone 5s price and includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY on both customisation and the device, ensuring complete peace of mind. Prices start at £2,197.50 for clients who place a 50% deposit prior to launch for those who place pre-orders with a 50% deposit before Apple's launch..." Any takers?

source: Goldgenie


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