Gionee preparing M6 business smartphone with embedded security chip

What's a Gionee? Gionee is a well known brand in India and China, as well as a popular smartphone maker which licenses its products to American brands like BLU and European ones like AllView. A couple of months ago, the company released the Gionee S8, an intriguing all-metal handset designed for younger users. Its new project is even more interesting, though. It's a secure high-end smartphone, the Gionee M6, with an embedded "black box" – an encrypted chip that protects sensitive data by isolating it from the device's software layer.

This is different to most smartphones out there, as their security solutions (such as Samsung KNOX) are software-based, and theoretically easier to compromise. In contrast, the Apple iPhone stores fingerprint data and other security information inside a dedicated "secure element" chip.

Gionee has adopted the same approach. Its Vice-President, Mr. Yu Lei, told the audience on Weibo (a Chinese social network akin to Twitter) that the M6 comes with an encrypted chip, placed near the main system silicon. He explained that the entire hardware encryption operation happens inside of it, which doesn't let the process be hijacked, whereas software encryption taking place on operating system level is more exposed to security risks.

Around the same time, photos of the smartphone itself appeared on China's Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center website. The device looks well-built and is reminiscent of Samsung and HTC's higher-end phones, albeit adorned with the bespoke Gionee logo below the camera. We are yet to learn the smartphone's specs, but this should happen very soon, considering the device is scheduled for launch on July 26.




1. GreenMan

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Yes, iPhone has a dedicated chip for sensitive data storage... And Siri also has a separate co-processor of her (or its?) own... Hence The Farook's iPhone made such huge waves and splashes because that iPhone was one tough cookie...! They cracked it, no doubt... But when you've whole American federal bureau on your back just to crack open a phone with steady funding, ANY phone can be hacked and unlocked. And I'm speaking of facts here... That Gionee sounds pretty interesting, but the Android part makes me raise an eyebrow... In my personal opinion, Windows Phone is a much better platform for smartphones dedicated for security and privacy... Just so you know, Windows Phone is considered the most secure mobile OS by several blogs and tech geniuses... Google it... On the contrary, Android is considered the worst... And it's a fact, not my biased opinion... G'Day!

2. dimas

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Meh, even the best pokemon go device marathon m5 didn't came to our country. I'm sure oukitel and the rest of tank phones will be a hit if they released them today.

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