Get ready for Bluetooth 3.0

Get ready for Bluetooth 3.0
The illustrious data transfer technology, Bluetooth, is getting all jazzed up with its 3rd version about to launch. As indicated by PhoneScoop, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is going to reveal comprehensive details about it on 04/21/2009, but information on certain features has been available for some time now. Above all, Bluetooth 3.0 is said to be capable of transferring data a whole lot faster. In addition, it is also expected to be able to maintain transfers over Wi-Fi, which in turn should greatly increase the bandwidth capacity. Making use of it, however, requires that both phones be Bluetooth 3.0 capable and have their Wi-Fi-enabled, so if Wi-Fi support is missing on one of the handsets, the transfer will be managed by Bluetooth itself. Have you ever experienced connectivity issues when using a Bluetooth hands-free while needing to put your phone into your pocket? Well, if that´s the case you should be thrilled over a new technology, called Enhanced Power Control, which has been specifically developed to stabilize the connection between Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is designed to take care of any troubles that may occur when your phone is in your pocket, bag, purse and the likes.

via: PhoneScoop

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