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Galaxy Note 8 marketing booklet caught in the wild, reveals details about the unannounced phone

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So, we all know the Note 8 is coming. And, thanks to a bucketload of leaks, we also pretty much know what it's going to look like. There's a point to be made about leaks ruining the excitement of a phone reveal somewhere around here, but we're not trying to make that point right now.

For a while now, we've known that the Note 8 would have a dual camera module on the back. But it has been up in the air how Sammy plans to use it — would it go for a wide lens, RGB and monochrome sensor combo, or do the telephoto lens portrait shooter thing? Well, recent leaks suggest the latter, which is cool. But, thanks to a marketing leaflet for the Note 8, which just leaked, we can now see, in Samsung's written word (and we assume nobody would go at such lengths to make a counterfeit marketing brochure, right?), just what the Note 8's dual camera does, as well as some more details around the phone.

So, first page, we get the brass tacks — it's got a 6.3” QHD+ (1440 x 2960 pixels) display, the iris scanner, face scanner, and fingerprint scanner, IP 68 rating for ingress resistance, the S Pen, and the dual camera.

Now, a couple of interesting points. The telephoto lens will provide a 2x optical zoom, which is less than the 3x zoom we heard about a month or so ago. It's also noteworthy that the brochure says that both the lenses will have a large, F1.7 aperture. This is a big deal because it gives the telephoto lens a chance to take a better shot in a dark environment — something that the iPhone 7 Plus' secondary camera (F2.8) struggles with. We also get the confirmation that both lenses will be assisted by optical image stabilization.

The page about the S Pen sounds like there will be no new features or improvements with Samsung's proprietary stylus. Not a bad thing, really, the S Pen is quite awesome in its current state and still a unique accessory among phones and phablets.

That's it thus far. If there are any surprises left, Sammy will drop them on the 23rd of August, which is actually less than a week away!

source: Ausdroid


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