Galaxy Note 10 Pro tipped to be a new member of Samsung's Note line

Galaxy Note 10 Pro tipped to be the second variant of Samsung’s next flagship
It’s only April, but the gaze of tech journalists and enthusiasts alike is slowly turning away from the Galaxy S10 devices and to the upcoming Galaxy Note 10. As usual, at the forefront of early news about unreleased phones are leakers. This time, one of the most prominent of them, Ice universe, has a tiny scoop of inside information about the upcoming Samsung flagship.

Samsung’s naming scheme just got more confusing

In his usual style, Ice Universe didn’t offer a lot of context to his statement, but everyone who’s been paying attention can immediately guess what his tweet, containing only “Note10 Pro”, means. Which is, that besides the regular Galaxy Note 10, we’ll also get a Note 10 Pro as well. Now, we already knew from previous reports that this year Samsung is planning to expand the Note line with at least one, but possibly three other devices.

While the “pro” moniker is often used in the smartphone industry, its appearance on the Note line is somewhat confusing. The Galaxy Note is pretty much as “pro” as a phone can get. It seems, however, that with the 2019 line, some models will be more advanced than others. That could mean that the rumored Note 10e, a smaller variant of the Note 10, can come out simply as the Note 10, while the bigger model will be the Note 10 Pro.

The other option is that Samsung will make all three models: Note 10e, Note 10 and Note 10 Pro. This will align the Note line perfectly with the S line in terms of models, with just the Plus tag switched for a Pro tag. This change we can agree with, considering all phones are expected to have displays larger than 6 inches. There’s something else to consider as well, however.

To 5G or not to 5G

So, where does 5G come in? Will it be only on a separate model, like with the Galaxy S line, adding a fourth, Note 10 Pro 5G? That’s one way Samsung can go about it, obviously. The other option is to just have one of the extra features of the Pro be the 5G connectivity. The more likely scenario seems to be that there will be a Note 10 5G and a Note 10 Pro 5G as well, bumping the lineup to 5 devices if the Note 10e is really coming.

What will be different about all those phones?

Well, we already mentioned the display sizes. According to the previous rumors, the smallest Note 10 will have a 6.28-inch display, the mid-sized one will have a 6.4-inch one and the largest is expected to be a 6.75-inch one. Besides that, we can expect different RAM options, the Pro model can easily fit 12GB of memory and will likely come with 512GB of storage on the base version, while 10 and 8GB seem fitting for the smaller versions.

Cameras could also be a differentiator, but we don’t expect even the smallest one to have fewer than three cameras on the back. On the high-end of the scale, four should be the maximum number of rear-cameras, as we’ve already seen on the Galaxy S10 5G.

The big question is about the S Pen. Will it find its way on all devices, even the smallest one? Some rumors suggest it might not, but it being the standout feature of the Note line, that seems unlikely. It is possible that the cheaper Note 10e could come with a simpler version of the S Pen, perhaps the same one as that on the Note 9, while the new models get an upgraded one.

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Either way, it appears that Samsung wants to offer a Note 10 device for every need and budget. If the Note 10e joins the lineup, we might even see a sub $1000 Note device this year. That would definitely be a welcomed device, but for now, all we can do is have our fingers crossed that this is Samsung’s plan. We don’t doubt that we’ll have almost all the details long before the expected August launch of the Note 10 line, so stick around for future leaks.

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