Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S: web browsing comparison

Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S: web browsing comparison
While we're working to complete our full Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review, here's a sweet little video we did in order to compare the web browsing experiences on the Galaxy Nexus and probably its biggest rival - the iPhone 4S. As you can imagine, both handsets perform admirably in this respect, with only negligible differences with regards to their performance.

Both enjoy very smooth scrolling, panning and pinch-zooming, while the iPhone 4S shows its expertise in the double-tap-to-zoom gesture, which is especially convenient when operating with one hand only. Right now, both don't have Flash Player, but the Galaxy Nexus will get it, once Adobe optimizes it for Ice Cream Sandwich. When that happens, Nexus users will probably observe a slight frame rate drop on sites featuring Flash content, but we expect the experience to remain pretty tolerable, because of the powerful dual-core processor the Galaxy Nexus sports.

Enough talking - watch the video below to see the smartphones' browsers in action!

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