GSmart announced WM personalization

GSmart announced WM personalization
Today, Gygabite’s GSmart officially introduced its Smart Touch user interface personalization for Windows Mobile professional phones. This announcement comes shortly after an unofficial version has appeared online for free download. GSmart says that it is a leaked Chinese variant, changed to Multilanguage one and is not working properly, as some of the functions are code-protected.

Smart Touch is GSmart’s answer to HTC’s TouchFlo. As all other manufacturers (including Eten and LG), GSmart is trying to make its PPC phones more finger-friendly. However, it is still a few steps after the current leader in this race, the second version of TouchFlo (available in Touch Dual, Touch Cruise and Touch CDMA). Unlike the latter, Smart Touch’s personalization is limited to the home screen only and once you open any of the menus, it is just another WM phone.

A line at the bottom of the home screen houses big shortcut icons; running a finger across the screen from right to left or vice verse will change the shortcuts. Doing the same thing above them, will reveal only one of the two clocks, but GSmart promises that other features will be added in the future.

Check out the hands-on video, which appeared thanks to the leaked version.

source: GSmart

Video courtesy of FreewarePocketPc



1. unregistered

by far, one of the coolest touch interfaces I have seen on a WinMo phone. I run an old HTC XV6700 for VZ and it runs quite well. With some added tweaking and ability to change settings I could very well replace my current HTC Touch interface I have running on it. Have at you iPhone...

2. unregistered

yea but how do you get the bugs out? it seems like a really cool interface, but i saw there are lots of holes and that the program doesnt run properly, so how would you make it run properly? Because i have the HTC touch for vzw but im afraid of what it may do to my phone if i install it

3. unregistered

I installed. When done, It will appear as a home button on your today screen, when that is pressed it will take you to the program which takes up your whole screen. Good feedback to touch and very responsive on my old fossil of a phone but definitely not able to replace my current Today setup which I love (but just getting bored of) As for your phone, don't worry it works fine and can be uninstalled without affecting your phone Try on your Touch and play around with it...Btw how is that phone for VZ im thinking of upgrading.

4. unregistered

Do you really prefer this thing to the touchflo?

6. unregistered

Dont currently use TouchFlo, I have a ROM i Downloaded which did not include TouchFlo to replace my old Windows Mobile 5 that came standard on my phone. As mentioned below, a lot can be done with this but massive work needed. I await to see what comes up next

5. burymeinblack

Posts: 19; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

I like the interface and it has a HUGE potential, but right now there are too many bugs and lacking features for me to replace my current interface with it.

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