Frash 0.02 brings Flash Player 10 to the iPhone 4 and other iOS 4 devices

Frash 0.02 brings Flash Player 10 to the iPhone 4 and other iOS 4 devices
Comex from the iPhone Dev Team has really decided to bring down the fence of the iPhone 4 walled garden. The person behind JailbreakMe has now ported Frash to it - the application that allowed iPad users to view Adobe Flash 10 content on their tablets.

Besides the iPhone 4, Frash has been ported for the other ARMv7 iOS 4 devices as well, such as the iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch 3G. The application is based on the Adobe Flash 10.1 code used in Android 2.2, so it should be pretty able-bodied to show most kinds of Flash-based content, not only jolly commercials.

If you have jailbroken your iOS 4 device already, try to follow the video instructions below. This should have you up and running with Flash-enabled browser in no time.

And don't forget to tell us how it went, are you able to render heavy Flash pages or interactive graphics?

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source: GrantPannel via IntoMobile



1. narley

Posts: 357; Member since: May 14, 2009

Frash is a rearry rearry cooorrr name guys. yay!

2. bucky

Posts: 3794; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

nice to see the port over to the iphone.

3. Sashok unregistered

Does it work on an iPhone 3g? Having flash would be great

4. ilia1986 unregistered

Okay. If flash works smoothly in Safari, and as demonstrated here, it is possible to decide which flash content do you want to view - then Steve's decision to keep flash out of iOS is a crime against humanity. I am sorry. I was under the impression that flash would cause Safari to crawl if it were to be included on the iPhone\iPad. Apparently this is not so. I am starting to seriously consider turning from an Apple praiser into an Apple hater.

5. Aaron0601 unregistered

Seriously considering jailbreaking my iPhone 4 for flash... What are the drawbacks of doing so? Is it possible to restore an iPhone to it's factory settings in the same way as an iPod?

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