Frankenphone: What do you make of those Moto X customization options?

Moto X is the first Frankenphone, how do you like them customization options?
Remember the Frankenstein story? The guy in the lab that created a monster out of bits and pieces? Well, with the Moto X you are that crazy scientist, as you can experiment endlessly with the way your phone looks and feels at Motomaker, as in the walkthrough video below. Now for AT&T, "later in the year" for other carriers, says Moto.

Choose from 18 back colors, custom boot messages, 2 storage sizes, 7 accent colors, 16 unique wallpapers, engraving for the back cover, 2 front colors, the color of your charger and match the SOL REPUBLIC headphones color with your Moto X - this whirlwind of options is what Google and Motorola came up with to stand out from the Android crowd.

The handset will also come with an entourage of over 300 accessories stamped M4DE, indicating allegiance to the new Motorola portfolio. Too much? Not enough? Checkmark your opinion, and sound off in the comments below.

Frankenphone: What do you make of the Moto X customization options?

OMG, it's brilliant, the Moto X will never get old!
Moto X can stand on its own with as it is, but it's always nice to have choices
I don't care about that midranger, but knock yourself out with those 18 back colors

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