Foxconn is on a hiring spree in Zhengzhou, the place where iPhones are made

Foxconn is on a hiring spree in Zhengzhou, the place where iPhones are made
Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturing plant, known for manufacturing Apple devices, the Kindle, and major gaming consoles, has gone on a shopping spree for its Zhengzhou facility in China. The Foxconn Zhengzhou plant happens to be the one where the Apple iPhone is manufactured in huge quantities. It is also the Foxconn factory Apple's chief executive Tim Cook visited last year.

The hiring spree at Zhengzhou has started at the end of March. Interestingly, analysts say those recruitments happen exactly in the integrated digital product business group responsible for Apple smartphones. Speculations mount that this is just in time to train enough workers for a huge ramp up in production expected to happen around the second half of the year.

Apple is rumored to be preparing its next generation iPhone and another, affordable device. First units of the two devices are rumored to start shipping back to Apple in the second quarter of the year.

source: DigiTimes




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They're just looking to replace all of their employees who have either committed suiCiDe this year or died of brain cancer.

2. Hemlocke unregistered

You win first prize in the "Horrible Human Being" contest. I'm sure your parents are very proud.

5. serious9010

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You forgot to mention Samsung, Htc and the rest of the world companies that have people working in the same or even worse conditions. But hey, since it's Apple, we need to point it out to get the article more attention.


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Thank you..... *bows, then pauses for applause*

16. gmracer1

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*clapclapclap........shows chest* Wait.......I'mma dude o.O

10. g2a5b0e unregistered

As sh*tty as it may sound, you can't get mad at him for stating something is in all likelihood, true.

15. gmracer1

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You don't have the right, at all, to judge anyone or anything. Now go cut yourself.

4. EXkurogane

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The conditions to be met: As long you are human. Age - doesnt matter. State of health - doesnt matter. Gender - doesnt matter, Experience: doesnt matter. They'll work your @$$ off, you threaten suicide, you get fried. And the whole cycle repeats endlessly.

3. Timmehor

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Do you mean, enslaving spree? It's so sad. :(


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9. gmracer1

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14. KennethP4V

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i dont see y u guys are so harsh on this. every developing economy went through this stage while they're developing. Look at the US when it was developing, young boys and girls work in these factories too, and given the tech of those days, the condition was much worst. And now look at China investments in Africa, they pay the African employees 2 USD a day, this is the reason why the Chinese government have never punish Apple or even officially require apple to raise the wages, because this is how it is everywhere in China and not just at Foxconn's plants and China is doing the same in other parts of the world, this is reality.

17. Timmehor

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True, in the Industrial Age (19th Century), England had many child workers in factories and mines. But with todays money, technology and more "mature" morals/ideals we shouldn't be having this in a country like China. It unacceptable.

18. KennethP4V

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no, not even the 19th century. Im talking about the US 1900 (20th century) that was just like yesterday, we had child laborers too. And it doesnt matter which date it is, it's a process that if u want to be developing then u have to put up with it for some times. Like China, if u study econ u would know, most of its factories live by having narrow profit margin and this means low wages n salary. If China wants to impose a higher minimum wage then they lose wage competitiveness, factories will move to different locations. India with 1.1 billion ppl is also jealous of those factories, so it's not like the Chinese government can do anything to change that. Many poor developing countries r willing to accept those wages if China doesnt. The only reason y China is the chosen destination is becus it has the best infrastructure among the developing nations, like roads, rails, and ports for better transportation it's not becus of China tech or labor's skills

8. gmracer1

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PA authors sure know, how to, misuse commas,

11. dragonstkdgirl

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On another note, the Foxconn workers in the article photo look totally stoked to be wearing I heart Foxconn shirts. Actually, not really, they look kinda pissed. 8-/

12. downphoenix

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given the terrible working conditions and wages they get, Im sure they'd rather have a few cent raise and/or a little extra break time than a crummy pink t-shirt.

13. arsenaljimenez

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Those are probably the students that were forced to work by their teacher. "Alright class, we are taking a field trip to Foxconn" Hence the shirts. The before they were forced to work picture.

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