Four pretty cool and obscenely discounted games for Android and iOS

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Hey there. We went through today's discounted games and couldn't hold this info back – we actually came across a few pretty cool titles that are currently dirt-cheap, or outright free. Check them out, let us know which one grabbed your attention and how you liked it.

Crowman & Wolfboy

This game starts out simple enough. You control both protagonists – Crowman and Wolfboy – who are attempting to escape the dark forest and its evil ways. The story doesn't start as something unique, yet its presented in such a way, and accompanied with such a soundtrack that one can't help but find themselves moved, if not by a little bit. The graphical style of the game is the dark and moody black and white that we've seen in games like Limbo and Badlands.

It is basically a runner, as our heroes are being chased by the evil darkness of the forest, which wishes to devour them. Each level has a couple of bonus objectives, which need to be achieved if one wishes to reach high score. Unlike auto-runners, this game gives players full control over the protagonists (although – they move as a unit, so don't worry about having to split your mind in two) and it basically requires you to learn how to perfectly speedrun through each level.

Sounds simple, yet there is something in this game that rendered us unable to stop playing until will force was applied. It's free for a limited time and can be downloaded from both the App Store and Play Store. Check it out!

Download (free, from $2.99): iOSAndroid

Worms 2: Armageddon and Worms 3

Ah, the good old Worms... There is no way that these games would pop up with a 75% price slash and we would miss mentioning it. If you are at least a casual gamer – you probably know about Worms by now, but if you don't – it's a turn / tactical / skillshot / comedy-based platformer where you control a customizable team of worms, whose only goal is to destroy the enemy team of worms. Funky weapons like explosive sheep, bananas, or the just plain pushing your opponent off a cliff are prevalent and there's no way this game won't put a smile on your face (or a raging scowl, if you are playing against a friend of yours and he happens to be extremely efficient with the bazooka).

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Oh yeah... there's also an "exploding grandmother" weapon.

Download Worms 2: Armageddon ($0.99, from $4.99): iOS | Android
Download Worms 3 ($0.99, from $4.99): iOS | Android

Alien Breed

Made by the same studio, which created Worms, Alien Breed is a top-down shooter / arcade / survival, which hails from 1991. The game has been ported for mobile devices and you can now get a sample of hardcore, early 90's gaming. This Alien Breed includes 6 levels from the original game, 4 new ones, and 12 special edition levels. It allows gamers to choose between modern graphics, controls, and sound effects, or to plunge into nostalgic times, with a fully classic representation of the game. Or, in other words, a lot of aliens to shoot at, for $0.99

Download ($0.99, from $4.99): iOS (free version) | Android

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