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First iPhone 6 clone shows up in China, whets appetite for the real deal

Now here's something you don't see everyday - an alleged iPhone 6 in its expected retail packaging! Or is it? The knee-jerk reaction to this sight is to proclaim it as a fake. That, or more of an iPhone 6 dummy that probably looks very close to what we'll get in September. The plastic sheen, obnoxious plastic bands, weird lens and camera size & positioning are dead giveaways that something's wrong here. Note, however, the presence of FCC markings and authentic "designed in California, assembled in China" text. We would be willing to bet this is a very close approximation of what people will be lining up before Apple stores for this Fall, if we weren't aware of the truth beforehand.

"It really is a pretty impressive feat they managed in making this look very Apple like, from the box, lightning cable, to the phone. It's running Android 4.4.2 though it is heavily skinned to look nearly identical to iOS(obviously). I bet the average person wouldn't be able to tell it isn't an actual iPhone." - says redditor lawrence_uber_alles of the iPhone 6 knock-off that his brother bought for him in Shenzhen, China. "The home button is a little wonky and makes a pretty audible click, but other than that the build quality is pretty nice, though obviously not Apple quality. You can see in the pictures when you click on the App Store it takes you to the Play Store, and most of the stock apps take you to a similar Android App. Everything seemingly works on it and I think I might switch to it for awhile to impress people at the bar and convince them I got an early iPhone 6. :)" Sounds like a plan, bro!

To further feed your curiosity, here's a video review of the replica. Truth be told, the replica doesn't look half bad from most angles, and this form will look an order of magnitude better with Apple's polish and build quality. Pretty promising, no?

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