First iPhone 5s TV ad leaks out ahead of schedule

First iPhone 5s TV ad leaks out ahead of schedule
These things happen. The closer a company gets to officially getting a product out, the more of an impossibility it becomes to keep everything under the lid. This year, in particular, we've played the audience to a series of some abysmally unsuccessful attempts at that.

But, it's not all about the companies themselves – leaks seldom happen at random, but every now and then – they really do. In the rest of the time, however we have intentional leaks, just like Apple's iPhone 5s TV ad we're about to show you today.

As is the nature of such things, don't be surprised if the ad gets taken down in the next few hours, rather bask in the glory of YouTube downloaders and the like, for they continue to ensure that whatever gets posted on the Internet, stays on the Internet.

So, go right ahead and take a peek at Apple's new iPhone 5s ad, and let us know what you think right below. And what about us? We liked it – it's short and classy, without any needless fluff.

Thanks, Ran!

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