Findery is a social mapping app from the co-founder of Flickr

Findery is a social mapping app from the co-founder of Flickr
Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake has a new app available for iOS users called Findery. Called a "social local discovery" app in the App Store, Findery members leave information about places they've discovered including local stories, celebrity gossip, and other interesting facts about a specific location. Members uses images and text to pass along the stories they have discovered. And this information can be public or private.

Findery members can also create "Notemaps," which are based on certain themes. For example, currently on the app is a Notemap for "Tacos" which details the best Taco stands across the country. "NYC Memory Map" details the recollections of an ex-New Yorker. Members can also enable or disable notifications, which are received when someone has favorited or commented on the notes that they have posted.

The app is a free download and while currently available in English only, will soon be translated in other languages. There is no word on whether we will see Findery made available for other mobile platforms.

source: Findery via PCMag


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1. SemperFiV12

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I actually really love this wave of geographic and user experience mapping. Nokia Story Teller is an awesome app, and this seems to follow in its footsteps. Added focus on time as well as features like notes (and other media besides photos.) Like how Foundbite incorporates sound to pictures... Or Photosynth recreates 3D spaces... This converging cluster of information is going to yield an interesting product. Foursquare+OneNote+Foundbite+Photosynth = A monster of an app... Somewhere I hope Nokia Storyteller matures to!

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