Final Fantasy I & II will give plenty of iPhone owners time to kill

Final Fantasy I & II will give plenty of iPhone owners time to kill
Anyone that's used to playing role playing games will know that there's a lot of time that needs to be invested in beating a game. The same is true with Final Fantasy I & II that's finally been outed to the App Store today priced at $9 a piece. There's no doubt that these games will really test the boundaries of how iPhone owners will balance out work and play as they attempt to embark on a long voyage in completing the quest bestowed upon them. This isn't your ordinary port because the original Final Fantasy game will include five bonus dungeons, The Soul of Chaos pack, and The Labyrinth of Time. Its sequel, Final Fantasy II, will also contain five bonus dungeons with the Soul of Rebirth and Arcane Labyrinth packs. The controls have been obviously tweaked to accommodate the iPhone's touchscreen. If you do plan on downloading either of the games, just be prepared to tell friends and family members your whereabouts as you embark on an epic quest with these games – just remember to take some needed breaks to give your eyes some time to recover.

via Kotaku


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