FiftyThree files trademark for "Paper" to combat Facebook

FiftyThree files trademark for "Paper" to combat Facebook
Last week we heard the fairly absurd news that Candy Crush developer King was working to trademark both the word "candy" and the word "saga" in order to protect its stable of games. Now, we're hearing another trademark application that is just as troubling: developer FiftyThree has filed a trademark application on the word "Paper" to combat Facebook's new app.

Facebook's new Paper app was launched yesterday, and FiftyThree voiced its concern that Facebook's app would be causing confusion with its own app of the same name. FiftyThree said that it had contacted Facebook about the name, but Facebook made no indication that anything would change. As a result, FiftyThree has decided to try trademarking the name "Paper". 

Of course, FiftyThree obviously used the word for its app first, but we're not convinced that should be the the determining factor here. It seems that there were quite a few products going under the name paper before FiftyThree or Facebook's apps came out. You know, in the way back times before computers. 

source: USPTO via pocketnow

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