Fieldrunners 2 coming to Google Play on April 24th

Fieldrunners 2 coming to Google Play on April 24th
If you're a fan of Fieldrunners and you have an Android device, you might be getting pretty annoyed at developer Subatomic Studios. The team released Fieldrunners 2 for iOS back in July of 2012, but there was no Android version. Now, it's nine months later, and it looks like Fieldrunners 2 is finally making its way to Android, and is scheduled to hit the Google Play Store on April 24th.

The game is finally making it to Android, but it might not quite be the full game that first hit iOS. Fieldrunners 2 for Android has "over 20 levels" across 4 zones, where the original iOS release had 25 levels. Still, Subatomic claims that the game will offer over 20 hours of the same tower defense awesomeness that you want from a Fieldrunners game.

The game is expected to look just as amazing with the same hand-painted 2D graphics, and should have extra replayability with new game modes: Time Trial, Sudden Death and Puzzle. 

No word on the price of the game, but we'd expect it to be around the same $2.99 it was on iOS, and it should be available in the Play Store next Wednesday, April 24th. 


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