Fido's upcoming second quarter devices and plans gets leaked

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Fido's upcoming second quarter devices and plans gets leaked
Fido is apparently getting a decent overhaul in terms of its future device offerings and plan options that's sure to make customers gleam with joy. Documents containing their second quarter upcoming devices and plans were recently leaked – offering a treasure trove of goodies that are expected to come shortly. Specifically, there were five devices and an HSPA+ modem mentioned in the leaked documents – with the yet to be officially announced BlackBerry Pearl 9100 taking precedence as it's scheduled for a May 4 release. In addition, the LG GW300, Nokia X3, Nokia 3710, Sony Ericsson Aspen, and the Novatel Wireless MC988DF modem all seeing the light soon with release dates ranging from April 13 all the way to June 2010.

Handsets aren't the only big news coming out as FidoUNO will be “decommissioned as of June 1st 2010” while a “CarryOver Minutes” plan will be offered that essentially provides roll over minutes for up to 6 continuous months. Finally, there are now new “Wireless Internet Options” that range in price from $40 per month for 2GB, $50 per month for 5GB, and $80 per month for 8GB. With winter behind us and spring refreshingly here, let's hope that these leaks stay true as we see Fido look to be in full swing of making available some new offerings that's sure to keep customers flowing towards them.

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