FamilyWhere app for T-Mobile's Android phones help parents keep track of their kids

FamilyWhere app for T-Mobile's Android phones help parents keep track of their kids
You've got to love being a parent nowadays thanks to the intricate technology that can be uncovered with everyday smartphones.

In fact, T-Mobile customers can now download the FamilyWhere app for Android which will help parents monitor the location of their kids. Aside from being able to know the exact location of your child at any given time, it'll even send you notifications via text messages, email, or through a web interface. So if you want to play Big Brother with your kids, be sure to download and install the application from the Android Market.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile does not list the subscription fee that's required with the service, but should you worry about it when you can get peace of mind knowing the location of your child?

source: PR Newswire



1. Mom3x2000 unregistered

on 4/15/2011, the app is listed free for 30 days, then $9.99/mo thereafter.. if you have teenagers, it's worth the piece of mind. :) it is accurate from 300 yards to 3 miles.. which is accurate enough in most cases.

2. Mom616 unregistered

It states that a notification will be sent to the users phone "occasionally" about once a month. Has anyone figured out when they do this?

3. MOM1641 unregistered

Yep, login to mytmobile and to manage then over on the right click familyanywhere. I just started using it yesterday. I LOVE IT

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