Facebook working on new Apple iPhone app to rival Instagram

Facebook working on new Apple iPhone app to rival Instagram
Tech Crunch somehow found 50MB of pictures and documents detailing Facebook's next big project, a photo-sharing app for the Apple iPhone. Nicknamed 'Hovertown' or 'WithPeople', the app will display individual pictures and snapshots of events. Right now, the app is designed as a stand-alone app although it could end up folded into Facebook's iPhone app.

The new service by Facebook is being compared to photo-sharing app Instagram with a hint of group picture app Color and friend and family picture sharing app Path. Of course, the difference is that 'Hovertown' or 'WithPeople' starts out life with hundreds of million potential users from Facebook, not to mention the 6 billion photo uploads every month and 100 billion pictures already in its portfolio. Obviously it is nice to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

It is unknown if Facebook plans on offering this application to Android owners, or if it will remain an exclusive for the Apple iPhone. Regardless, it seems like Tech Crunch has just started to sift through the info that they received which means we should be hearing some more about this new app over the next few days.

source: TechCrunch

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