Facebook used on 86% of iOS devices, Google rules Android

Facebook used on 86% of iOS devices, Google rules Android
There have been pretty consistent rumors about Facebook developing its own phone, but in the meantime, the company is doing quite well at making sure its app is installed on the current leading smartphone platforms. A new study by NPD has checked what the most popular apps are on iOS and Android, and the top app in the iOS ecosystem is Facebook, which is used on 86% of devices. On the Android side, not surprisingly, the top spots are mostly Google.

The study looked at the "reach" of various apps on each platform, which is to say what apps people actually use the most. Facebook not only is at the top of the iOS chart, but it also comes in 4th on the Android chart with 70% reach on the platform. NPD notably did not include app or content stores in the list, and also didn't include stock apps (except for Weather), which skews the results a bit. Because Google apps aren't technically part of the Android OS, they all make the list, and take 5 of the top 6 spots. 

Another surprise on the iOS list is that YouTube comes in at 40% reach, and given that most stock apps aren't counted, it's hard to say if this is the stock iOS 5 YouTube app, or the YouTube app that Google launched in the App Store just before iOS 6 launched. The numbers come from research done in November of 2012, so, if it's the latter, that would mean Google's app took the #3 spot on iOS reach after just two months in the App Store. 

source: NPD


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