Facebook Messenger soon to add option to Unsend messages

Facebook Messenger soon to add option to Unsend messages
Facebook promised to bring users the option to delete/unsend messages for some time now, but the social network company failed to fulfill that promise for the time being. But there's still hope for all of us Messenger fans, as Facebook has already started to test such a feature.

There are times that you regret you said something over a Messenger conversation, but the app doesn't allow you to take back your words, so you have to live with it. That issue will be solved in the not so distant future with Facebook adding a special option that will allow users to delete some of the messages they sent in a Messenger conversation.

A couple of screenshots leaked recently suggest Facebook plans to implement the Unsend message feature to Messenger. In order to use it, one must simply long press on a sent message. There will be two options available to choose from: delete or unsend. The first option will completely remove the message from your side of the conversation, whereas the second option will remove it from the person you sent it.

However, Facebook implemented the feature in a way that you will only be able to unsend a message for a certain amount of time after it's been sent. Basically, this means that you won't be given total freedom when it comes to unsending messages.

source: @wongmjane (Twitter) via AndroidPolice

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