FTC seeks hackers for expanded mobile tech unit, wearables, internet of things

FTC seeks hackers for expanded mobile tech unit, wearables, internet of things
The Federal Trade Commission oversee a number of operations that research the technological practices of companies, examining things like privacy, and data security.

The Mobile Technology Unit (MTU) has been in operation for years, conducting independent research into various elements of the mobile ecosystem. Many of the MTU’s efforts drew attention early perceived dangers some mobile applications may pose to young kids, as well as general risks with mobile shopping apps.

The MTU is becoming the Office of Technology Research and Investigation (OTRI), and the role of the agency is expanding dramatically. OTRI adding connected vehicles, smart homes, new (mobile) payment methods, along with anything else that might fit into the realm of the “Internet of Things.”

With the expanded role of the operation, the FTC is looking to staff it up with people that like hacking into this type of consumer technology. There is also a new full-time position that will coordinate all the projects that will grow from the research, and if you are a recent graduate with that perfect mix of technology and policy education, there is a two-year research fellowship available as well.

source: The Security Ledger



3. Augustine

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Maybe I should join the FTC and undermine it from the inside. Anonymous.

4. eyeball

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@bernoulli,....if you don't like bad punctuation:then don't read anything on the web. As a matter of fact'what really bothers me is ultra critical people like you. I bet your freindds and,family: don,t really apreiciate your corrections;-(

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