FCC's plan for new spectrum brings worry for T-Mobile

FCC's plan for new spectrum brings worry for T-Mobile
Kevin Martin, FCC's Chairman, has proposed that the innovators be given unlicensed and free access to airwaves provided that the company that buys the license to such airwaves can not meet the vigorous requirements to build a nationwide internet network.

With the addition of this proposal to the future auction, the FCC will vote on the rules on December 18th. What this proposal means is that the winner of the auction will have to dedicate at least 25% of the spectrum to 95% of the country for free internet access.

There are two versions of the auction platform; one with the proposal and the other without. Voting will take place only on one version, which ever the commissioners approve for the auction.

This is where T-Mobile comes into play. Engineers at T-Mobile have addressed an issue to the FCC that the airwaves in question are right next to the ones they own hence adversely effecting their spectrum resulting in drop calls or lost signal. The possible negative effects will come from uploads on the new spectrum.

The solution proposed by T-Mobile is that of pairing the new airwaves to 'another set of channels' for uploads and to limit the soon to be auctioned frequencies to downloads only.

The FCC has not included the request from T-Mobile in to the proposal put forth and has stated that they have done their own tests based on the accounts from the engineers concluding that they have put in a strong interference protection than ever before.

source: WSJ



1. unregistered

I would worry to if I was T-Mobile. VZW bought most of the new spectrum.

2. unregistered

different spectrum jackass

3. unregistered

Yea what an idiot. VZW is CDMA T-Mobile is GSM, totally different idiot.

4. unregistered

You do know that with 4g verizon is switching to digital right?

6. unregistered

Do you think that 3G is Analog? Why can't stupidity be painful? WHY?!?!?

12. unregistered

Verizon is already digital...CDMA/EVDO...its all digital. Why do people think Verizon isn't digital, they were one of the first networks to have wireless broadband! The first CDMA network to have EVDO upgraded to Rev A. And they have the largest 3G network. Its time to catch up people.

20. unregistered

Actually, Sprint was the first to have their EVDO upgraded to Rev. A. Verizon, however, was the first to roll out EVDO AND the first to completely upgrade their EVDO Rev. 0 network to Rev. A (something which Sprint is sorely behind on).

31. SprintDude unregistered

You all dont know anything! Do some research people before you speculate on a technology in which you only learned about by reading forums and reviews online. IDIOTS!

32. unregistered

thats a moronic statement fcc closed down analog almost a year ago.......... But then again VZW knows it all......

47. unregistered

actually t mobile is tdma not gsm who is the idiot now 2 different networks

50. unregistered

The only carriers who used TDMA were Cingular and the old AT&T Wireless. T-Mobile (previously Voicestream) STARTED OUT as GSM! They have never been any other technology!

51. mkl4466

Posts: 53; Member since: Sep 25, 2008

okay #3, before you call someone else an idiot, you should understand something. CDMA and GSM are not different Spectrum. They are different ways of encoding a signal (different "technologies"). The spectrum is the band, such as 800/850/1800/1900/2100 mhz. Lots of different types of signal can exist simultaneously within the same band of the spectrum.

5. unregistered

gooooo att

7. unregistered

#2,3,6... Instead of calling that person name ya can tell him or explain it that is two different spectrum

8. unregistered

u guys are all dumb do some actual reading before u try to credit ur intelligence and excistence on a cell phone blog

9. unregistered

wahahahahaha @ this forum....everyone around here are vzw wannabe fan boys lol. not even fan boy's!

16. unregistered

dont u see the verizon commercial??? they are everywhere~~~~~ brainwashing u~~make u wanna worship vrz~~XDDD

18. unregistered

You are all a bunch of morons for arguing over phones. PERIOD. Does this make even the slightest differance in your life? How bout acting like a 3rd grader and yelling childish insults. Good God you are all a waste of life.

22. unregistered

Did your comment make the slightest "differance" in your life? Take your own advice, 3rd grader.

27. T-Money3000 unregistered

And how is any other commercial better?

37. unregistered

Good one, how long did that take you?

49. unregistered

It took me from your post at 9:58:02pm to my post 01:35:22am, so it took less time for my response, than yours, which was over 12 hours later. And now this one is almost 24 hours later than yours so... And, I guess you're still making a difference in your life and not being a waste of life. Really brilliant come-back, by the way.

10. vzw fanman unregistered

seriously tho, where are all the at&t people!? and all i see is verizon sucks, verizon rocks, verizon cripples their phones...have you noticed every article's comments have the word VERIZON in it haha lol.

11. unregistered

vzw is using digital along time ago since 1g // if you look at the history cdma analog calld cdma200 and when 1g came that where the digital took over // since then its all digital 4g its just effient and more speed for data . and the first guy was right tmobile should worry cause even its gsm ( t-mobile) and cdma(vzw) the new spectrum 700mhz will be used for LTE ( long term evolution ) and thats the 4g . and i apologize about my english its not my first nor second language so i have diffculties to write and type correctly .

26. T-Money3000 unregistered

Huh! See?! Someone is paying attention in class!

13. unregistered

#10 u-r the BIGGEST retarded vzw FAN-BOYS on the web period. '' have you noticed every article's comment have the word VERIZON in it '' actually, they misspell it. it's verBLOWzon. haha lol.... verBLOWzon is SUCKS

14. unregistered

#10... yea u really retarded. vzw is cripple and their phone. i like that name verBLOWzon with the FAKE NIKE check.

25. T-Money3000 unregistered

lol verBLOWzon.... how long did it take you to think up that one #14?

30. unregistered

Wow.. grammar people??? "verBLOWzon is SUCKS" , "vzw is cripple and their phone" Oh boy... I'm not talking trash, I just think its funny... HAHAHAHAHA...

33. vzw fanman unregistered

hahahah lol. dude comment number 14, i recognize you bc you said the fake nike check thing b4. verblowzon is gay, cant you come up with anything better? cingular keeps getting shittier, thats the best i got. other than gayt&t didnt work for me.

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