FCC unveils a budget clamshell for Verizon and Sprint PCS – the UTStarcom CDM-7025


Once again, FCC documents reveal information on a phone that is still not officially announced. The pages show documents of a new CDMA phone from UTStarcom that comes in two versions, each of them branded with a carrier name – the CDM-7025 for Verizon and CDM-7025SP for Sprint PCS. Both versions are low-end devices, featuring one and the same clamshell design and basic functionality, such as messaging, organizer, and phonebook with caller groups. They also feature a 65k color STN internal display and stub-retractable antenna. The only difference between the two handsets is that the Verizon's version is silver, while the Sprint's one is black in color. The black 7025 also has AMPS frequencies.

CDM-7025SP for Sprint

CDM-7025 for Verizon

There's still no official information when the UTStarcom CDM-7025 phones will be available from any of the two carriers.


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