FCC gets visited by Samsung GALAXY Note with T-Mobile 3G on board

FCC gets visited by Samsung GALAXY Note with T-Mobile 3G on board
Back in April, a time period that oddly feels like ions ago before the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S III and iOS 6, we told you about a couple of items that pointed to a version of the Samsung GALAXY Note for T-Mobile. One was a leaked photo that actually showed the phablet branded with the T-Mobile logo and tagged as SGH-T879. The other was a leaked photo of the device's "About Phone" page which also showed the same model number. Now it appears as though the SHG-T879 has visited the FCC and lo and behold, it is the Samsung GALAXY Note with all 5.3 inches of that display and 3G connectivity to the nation's fourth largest carrier.

The version of the Samsung GALAXY Note that just met with the suits at the FCC came to lunch with the 1700MHz HSPA connection for T-Mobile, as well as connectivity for 850MHz and 1900MHz. But before T-Mobile customers with a hankering for the large get terribly excited, it is a possibility that the 1700MHz band will be for Canadian carriers Mobilicity or Wind Mobile. On the other hand (there's ALWAYS another hand it seems) we have seen those snapshots of the T-Mobile branded GALAXY Note.

Naysayers (there's ALWAYS a nay...oh, never mind) might say that T-Mobile is too late to the phablet party and besides, the much more eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S III and its 4.8 inch display is the superior device. To those people who think the glass is half empty, we'd say that if T-Mobile wants to offer the Samsung GALAXY Note, that is entirely their business. And yeah, the Samsung GALAXY Note didn't appear in the last T-Mobile road map, but then again, neither did the Samsung Galaxy S III.

source: FCC via Engadget

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