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FCC approves US-bound OMNIA, NOT!

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FCC approves US-bound OMNIA, NOT!
Rumors around the AT&T variant of the OMNIA have been floating for months, but today there is new ray of light for these who hope to see it. After we told you that the i907 (which seemed just as an i900 (OMNIA) with the AT&T-friendly suffix “7”) is actually a variant of the i780, FCC now approved the i900L with 3G UMTS operational at 850/1900 MHz bands and sketch reminding the form of the OMNIA.

Yes, this is the OMNIA but this is not a version for North America. It is for the South American market instead. Samsung’s site for Venezuela officially showcases the i900L in its product page with images and specs. So, i900L is OMNIA, but for Venezuela, and probably other countries in S.A. and not for the States. We can still cross our fingers and hope that after Samsung has developed a version with AT&T-friendly bands, it will also offer it through the largest U.S. carrier, no matter if it will be numbered i900L or will come with a name.
FCC approves US-bound OMNIA, NOT!

*Update* The Samsung site lists the i900L to support UMTS 2100 instead of 850/1900. We are confused.

source: FCC, Samsung

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