Exclusive shot of Helio Mysto

Exclusive shot of Helio Mysto
Samsung SPH-A523 is about to be released with Helio, bearing the name Mysto. It will have all typical features of the carrier's phones: EV-DO data, GPS and stereo Bluetooth. Helio Mysto turns out to be a CDMA version of Samsung U600 Ultra 10.9, including its thin profile (0.42 in/10.9mm) with 3.2-megapixel camera, QVGA screen and touch-sensitive buttons.

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1. flea unregistered

how's helio's network? j/w cause i've never even seen someone with a helio phone.

2. digital_angel unregistered

Helio is a MVNO that uses sprint towers for 3g network...so however sprint works in your area is how well helio will work. wehre i am i have constant 3G connection

3. jmts unregistered

Ive known many people who use Helio and sprints network sucks here in Phx. Too bad they have some cool phones

4. sinfulta unregistered

The way MVNO's work on Sprint's Network...example Virgin Mobile, Helio, Metro PCS... Is the Sprint contracted customers take priority over there secondaries based on Contracts. Example: Cell phone tower during rush hour is getting full or busy, Sprint customer will retain the call while the others will loose it in priority order of there agreement with sprint. Most likely, I would be Helio, Metro PCS, then Virgin. So Virgin would get dropped or have connection issues, before Metro, and Metro before Helio.

5. fuddes unregistered

Why would Helio use a EVDO phone? They've always touted their fast 3G speeds.

6. lakesideview unregistered

Helio is garbage tho, their software for their devices make them really really buggy... ive owned their Drift and Ocean (both VERY problematic) - check howardforums, ppl with Helio's post the problems they have with their devices

7. sinfulta unregistered

What do you mean why would they use a EVDO phone? EVDO's average speeds are the same if not a smidge faster than HSPDA offered by GSM competitors. I am surprised though that more phones aren't EVDO rev. A which is even quicker. Now that's a surprise.

8. Rich unregistered

I have had the Helio Ocean for a month now and can honestly say that I love it. Everything from the 3G to the GPS and Instant Messaging has been a joy. The only issue I have is that their nights begin at 9pm.

32. Cya unregistered

I Agree. I have had the Helio Fin and even though it isz out dated; i love the features of it. I lost that one; now i have a Helio Mysto.

9. Pete unregistered

I think your confusing evdo with GSM's Edge. Edvo is a 3g CDMA standard and is hi speed. EDGE is a GSM Standard and is pretty slow.

10. unregistered

I had helio, the ocean was nice but buggy and the interface is inconsistent. The 2 Biggest reason I left them. 1.)They refused to communicate with their users about no existent bug fixes and updates. 2) The customer service is the biggest joke i have ever seen. I get better customer service at a dennys then helio ever gave me. and let me tell you it was complete HELL trying to transfer from them to at&t, they refused to give my number up. I had to contact the FCC, that got their ass movin

11. unregistered

Ocean is buggy but the bugs are minor compared to the features. And if there is a problem just reset the phone and problems are fixed. Wehave a demo phone that had been through a war of cusomters and I've only had one problem which was fixed by a master reset. (white screen surfing) Other than that the phone is doing well.

12. talonz55 unregistered

Just to clarify, Helio uses Sprint's coverage for voice and data. When you roam out of Sprint's coverage, it bounces onto Verizon for voice only. I have had Helio for six months and have to say that their service is great. I have the Ocean, which can be buggy at times, but coming from a Windows Mobile device, it is a dream. If you want to stay connected via email and text, Helio is it as they have what they call the "Ultimate Inbox", where you can set up all the relevant email engines and stay connected, along with IM...

13. TheDonkeySlayer unregistered

jmts is full of crap, I have lived all over phoenix for the last 7.5 years - N.Phx, East Valley, Scottsdale & I have maybe dropped three calls on the sprint network in that time.

14. trevor unregistered

This new phone is going to be amazing, and the service plans from Helio are great. I have had Helio now for two months and I have to say I love it. I haven't had a dropped call yet and the coverage beats any competitor in my area cause the phone roams (for free) on the best signal cell tower no matter who owns the tower. Sometimes I am on Verizon, sometimes I am on Sprint. All free for me (thanks Helio). I also like the fact that the service works in over 30 countries across the world. I found the best deal at the time from hellohelio.net, but you should always search google too ;)

15. Ryan unregistered

I've been with helio for 11 months and i have no complaints. The plans are great and the devices have some unique touches to them. The service in PHX is fine, imo, im 3G 99% of the time.

16. Whammy unregistered

I live in the Antelope Valley (located in North Los Angeles County, CA), the network works great around here. I travel to Phoenix a lot, and whenever I'm there, my Helio device always works great...I'm glad I have Garmin Mobile. My car GPS is so annoying the way it says "ARIZONA 202 LOOP", lol.

17. Jared unregistered

Hey there, just noticing all of the negative posts here. I have a business w/ over 20 phones. I have used everything from nextel/sprint to Att, Verizon. I have the Helio unlimited $99 plan and my device is the Ocean--- I have never had a better phone and service for the money. This is the best value in the cell phone industry. Yes, I agree customers service is definitely lacking as the company is very young, but you are fooling yourself to think the other networks are superior. The truth is if you are on Helio's Network then you are using the Sprint Network. My bill comes in at $99 plus taxes every month. Unlimited minutes--everything. THERE IS NOT A BETTER VALUE AS OF THIS DATE IN CELL PHONE SERVICES.

18. Nicole unregistered

I bought a Helio Ocean at Paradise Valley Mall in Phx area last month. I love it! I haven't dropped one call and I get unlimited everything for $99/ month. As far as customer service goes, I bought it from Coastal Wireless and they have been great. They told me up front Helio's cust care wasn't that great, but they would help me with everything I needed, and so far they have. I recommend Helio to everyone!

19. Mike unregistered

I have to agree with NewGirl. I bought a phone from Coastal Wireless in Park Mall (Tucson) and they have helped me out any time I've needed it. Also, I travel all around Arizona for work and my service is perfect. Plus, you really can't beat the unlimited plan

20. Abr unregistered

I also agree...I have been with helio for 7 months and am loving it...I probably wouldnt have it any other way...sure their hardware problems may bring you down every now and then but which phone DOESNT have any problems? which customer service is perfect? because I have not found a phone comapny or a phone that incorporates these two attributes....Helio is kick ass compared to all the other phone companies...you just cant compare....at all....and 3G...its the fastest mobile web connection...Helios got it......I highly recommend this company to anybody.....

21. Brad unregistered

Does anyone have an idea of when Helio will come out with some new phones. I have had a Kickflip and a Heat but im looking for something better. They currently only have three phones on the site....so hopefully they will release the Mysto soon.

22. Jonathan - San Ramon, CA unregistered

I am very pleased with both the overall service and customer support. I left a plan that gave me 1,500 minutes for $45 and I couldn't be happier. All I need now is the Mysto!

23. HungFuKung unregistered

I agree with Jared and Newgirl... Helio is the best deal in wireless. The interface on the Ocean is not iPhone interface, this is true but the functionality is really high, I discover a new feature on my phone almost every day ( its really well thought out design yet still buggy)..at the end of the day my internet is unlimited, i have real 3G speed NOT Edge, i roam for free, and text messaging is unlimited which is good because the Oceans qwerty keyboard has me sending e-mail length text messages, which annoys some of my friends and I LOVE THE GOOGLE MAPS AND GARMIN, which aside from some blackberries and iphone most phones dont have ...its so easy to use and so functional... Video camera is its biggest flaw. As far as a company they are young and trying to innovate, plus gain "subs" and profit, al at the same time. which is difficult in this industry. Unless your a bloodsucker like Sprint or Cingular, then making money is easy...Overall the value just cant be beat, between the high end phone at the reasonable price the service that is designed around that high end phone (not to make you spend more money) its the best deal you can get to date.

24. Julie unregistered

I agree with comment # 22. All I need is the Mysto myself. I've been with helio for a little over a year now. I've basically been with them since they started, and even though I have had minor problems, they gave me a credit on my account, and honestly, I have every device since helio started. The only 2 i don't have are the Kickflip and the wi-fi card that is no longer available. I could never ever go back to a normal cell phone company ever again and have to pay for text, video and picture messages, cause I get it all for free. My favorite feature is the beg button. All you Helions know what i'm talking about. It's just really awesome for Helio to know what we want, and give it to us, before we can ask for it. Another amazing thing about Helio is that when I get the Mysto, I WON'T HAVE TO CHANGE MY PLAN, unlike with other carriers! Go with Helio, and you'll never ever look back.

25. Port number over unregistered

I just got Helio on the 26th. I was porting my number from MetroPCS. It is now the 29 and my phone and the port is still not working. Problem all started when the sales rep put my city as Winder instead of Riverdale. Its been hell with customer service since then. They keep telling me another 24 hours and the phone will be working. I'm so frustrated right now. Hope things get better.

26. Antonio unregistered

I also agree that HELIO has been very good. I have had T-mobile, Cingular, and Virizon, and Helio's unlimited plan blows them out of the water. If they did more advertising and released more devices they would compete with some of the big dogs. I must admit that the OCEAN is a good phone but a little buggy. I'm thinking about switching to the new flip.

27. Jill Beauford unregistered

I just picked up the Helio Mysto recently for just $49.99 fromwww.heliobuy.com/helio-mysto.html and I really love this phone. I had the Ocean before and it had a lot of great features but didn't care for the large size. Also my Ocean kept freezing up and this Mysto is a real solid build. What do you guys think about the Mysto?

28. Michelle unregistered

As a former employee of Helio .Helio is always looking for a way to screw their customers we were told not to care.And if we did we would be fired.And they took our jobs and shipped them overseas

29. Drew unregistered

Dont forget that when sprint a sprint tower is not avaiable it will connect to Verizon and Altell. I have used this phone all over California where I don't get service from GSM carriers and it works. I have been impressed with them since I left ATT where i had more dropped calls then ever!

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