Evernote u-turns on controversial new privacy policy after user outrage


Evernote has buckled under the negative feedback from users and will not implement its questionable privacy policy that was planned for Janary 23rd. The proposed changes would have allowed some employees to gain access to users' notes in order to "exercise oversight of machine learning technologies applied to account content".

The vague wording used in the policy was perhaps the biggest cause for concern. It stated that some employees could look at notes "for troubleshooting purposes or to maintain and improve the Service", which didn't exactly reveal if the examined data would be anonymous or the number of employees with such privileges.

The reaction to these changes was almost instantaneous and prompted Evernote CEO Chris O'Neill to issue a statement on Thursday in an attempt to calm things down:

However, O'Neill's statement didn't undo the damage from the earlier post, so the company later apologized and decided to change tactics:

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With the latest changes, the process will be reversed, so anyone that wishes to receive "a personalized experience" with these experimental features will have to specifically sign up for the service.

source: Evernote via Neowin

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