European Union demands new limit to be in place for Internet charges

European Union demands new limit to be in place for Internet charges
We've heard numerous stories here in the US as some customers travel near the borders of our country and find an expensive bill at the month because they were considered roaming internationally. Well the European Union is asking mobile phone operators to limit how much they charge customers for accessing the web on their handsets. We're pretty confident to say that no one likes being charged an arm and a leg for data charges that could've been prevented from occurring. It looks like customers will have until July 1 to set a maximum monthly cost with their network provider – if they fail to make a final decision, it'll go directly to a 50 euros limit ($68). Additionally, networks will automatically send a warning to those customers who use up 80 percent of their set limit – once they reach it, they will completely be cut off. The EU has been vigilant in asking networks to slash its roaming charges – which actually lead to a 35 percent drop in the average cell phone bill. The pleas of the EU come after the habits among providers remain unchanged – one German traveler was charged 46,000 euros after watching a TV show in 2009 while roaming in France. Another incident occurred when a British student was charged 9,000 euros for a month's roaming while studying abroad. As they embark in setting a monthly limit, the EU hopes that "the tendency for operators will be to bring the price of surfing the Web down," EU spokesman Jonathan Todd said.

source: Yahoo!



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