Ericsson is planning 12-20-megapixel phones in 2012

Ericsson is planning 12-20-megapixel phones in 2012
On a press conference, the company revealed its future plans, which sounded quite intriguing.

The most interesting information is that it expects 12- to 20-megapixel cameraphones with Full HD video to be available in 2012. Moreover, they are expected to use 1GHz processors and XGA (1024x768) resolution displays. At first sight, these specs sound somewhat far-fetched, but after all we’re talking about 2012. They have more than 37 months remaining and with today’s temps of technological development these plans might just work.

Wait, wait! We’ll go on with more good news. Ericsson has not forgotten about the mobile network evolution. The devices will go smoothly towards 4G (LTE) and speeds of about 100 Mbps are expected. At moment, we can just say “Wow!”

Too bad that we still can’t travel in time… so we’ll wait, and see what’s really going to happen.

source: Tech-On! via Engadgetmobile



1. unregistered

tgis sounds too rushed and advanced.... even for 2012

2. unregistered

hope they can live that long. Lg will release hd and optical camera phone next year. Plus, sometime it not the high tech make the sales, but the function.

3. unregistered

its sony, there's not doubting them cuz they're super great just like motorola and lg and samsung. thank god it's not nokia that made this statement or we'd wait forever on that cheesy company.

4. unregistered

Did you just say great like Motorola??? Last time I check, those guys were drowning, and unless they come out with another great phone(cuz they made some, just not lately) to climb back to success they might as well throw in the towel. As for your Nokia comment, you obviously don't know anything about them and their success on High-End phones. Only Apple has brought any type of challenge to them right now, and even then it's only because Apple concentrated all their resources on "one" model. Even I'll give them credit for making the iPhone such a great device overall, but once you look closer you'll see the flaws of it being their first phone. And like Apple, but unlike Motorola, Nokia has a more diversed portfolio that extends beyond a over the top cellphone that get's outdated the momment it hits the store shelfs.

6. unregistered

do you need a hug or some tissues??

7. unregistered


11. unregistered

haha wow i'll take it that you've owned a nokia or dealt with their customer service. and i see you've never even owned a motorola either. i've owned phones from both makers and can tell you that motorola makes better phones than nokia. i owned two N95 from nokia the original and the 8gb version and both have major issues that nokia knows about and doesn't wanna take care. as for motorola they have incredible phones, i owned 4 of them so far the V3xx being one of them and i never had a single problem. plus motorola has better customer service than nokia. nokia only wants your money, theres nothing great about them.

12. unregistered

Apple and Nokia. You must live in the UK then.

15. unregistered

dude relax everyone has opinions lol getting angry for nothing lol i think all this is too much for a cell phone, but hey if it can be done then why not.

5. unregistered


8. unregistered

2012...huh...thats soooo far away; but given current cellphone market trends this news doesnt seem that revolutionary...just stating the obvious of where cellohone technology should be at that time, given the rate of advances currently happening now in the present...but still interesting stuff to hear what they are planning

9. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

i agree completely

10. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

12+ MP camera... completely unnecessary; Pictures over 4000 x 3000 resolution can't even be viewed on a single monitor. Why bother with even bigger resolutions?!?! Quality over quantity... HD Video recording... fine. I can definately see this happening in a few years. XGA resolution... I think it's pretty high for such small devices, but will be normal for mini laptops.

13. unregistered

You should also consider how far the technology of a "single monitor" can advance in a few years. Although I agree that 12MP is quite overkill on a cellphone.

14. unregistered

quite overkill indeed for a cell phone but for a digital camera it would be good. but just ask yourself would you wanna be able to zoom and see the pores on the persons face in the picture :S lol i think they should work on making more efficient flashes for the phones that would be a great thing. xenon does pretty good but sometimes it's not good enough. i was completely satisfied with my old 1.3 Mpx cell cam. it did a good job. oh well thats technology for you. one thing to really consider is the battery, those cams will be energy guzzlers.

16. Jyakotu unregistered

I don't understand why a cell phone would require a 12-20 megapixel camera. I think that the maximum amounts a cell phone's camera should offer in megapixels is 8. People are still diluted into thinking that the higher the megapixles, the better the quality. That's false. All the megapixels indicate is how large your pictures will be. So, if you're a photographer, why would you take pictures with your cell phone when you can just get a professional camera? Sony Ericsson has big ideas, but it's just not needed.

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