Energizer is launching their wireless charger for the iPhone & BlackBerry in October

Energizer is launching their wireless charger for the iPhone & BlackBerry in October
Always trying to capitalize on the popularity of wireless inductive charging, made widely known thanks to the Palm Pre and its Touchstone, there have been a variety of manufacturers quick to get the ball rolling in this interesting method of charging device. Although it may seem a little bit late for them, battery maker Energizer is expecting to roll out their inductive charger some time in October.

Similar to others that are currently available, it relies on the Qi standard to charge only the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and the iPhone 3G/3GS without the aid of cables. Moreover, you'll be required to outfit either devices with their special add-on battery door for the Curve or a full sized case for the iPhone. However, it appears as though the case for the iPhone blocks the connection port on the bottom – so it'll require you to constantly remove it whenever you want to sync it with iTunes. Additionally, the base plate also has a built-in USB port which will allow you to charge devices normally with a wired connection.

As for pricing, the Inductive Charger is going to be made available for $89 with an additional $35 cost for either the iPhone or BlackBerry cases. Regrettably, those are the only two devices that Energizer's Inductive Charger will be supporting at launch, but the company didn't state if they will make additional cases for other devices.

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