Emporia brings a pair of budget blowers for seniors, kids to the US

Emporia brings a pair of budget blowers for seniors, kids to the US
Emporia, known for its super simple phones often targeted at the elderly and kids, has announced that it’s finally going to make its US debut at CES 2012 with two handsets: the Emporia Click flip phone and the Emporia Solid Plus ruggedized handset.

It’s hard to predict how the smartphone-dominated US market will react to these basic devices, but with their special features for seniors Emporia might find a niche. In addition, the Emporia Click is of the beloved flip phone form factor - a rarity nowadays, so this might also play its part. 

As to the Click itself, it’s no smartphone, so you can forget about apps and other modern day extras, but in exchange you get huge physical buttons, a very powerful vibration module, loud speaker and speakerphone and a one touch “panic button” which can be programmed in various ways as calling “911” or your family.

The Emporia Solid Plus is advertized as very durable, meeting high military standards for dust, shock, rain, and temperature resistance. It also comes in yellow, to signalize that this is more of a workhorse tool rather than an intricately designed toy. The Solid Plus has a monochrome display, and keys for alarm, calendar, texting and flashlight.

The official PR doesn’t go into much more detail - we have no clarity about which carriers will be getting the devices, but our bet would be that the Emporias will arrive pre-paid in the US, and the regional carriers could have snatched them. Hopefully, we’ll know more at CES which kicks off on Monday, so stay tuned.

source: PCMag


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1. Oceans11

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Not impress with jiggerbug. There phones are locked and you cannot change carriers (MVNO). My mother is blind in one eye and has partial site in other. I picked her up the Cenior phone. I got it from yippz. It has large buttons, and when you press the numbers they are read back to you. It also has braille on all the buttons and includes a magnifier. This really comes in handy when were at restaurants and she needs to read something. It has a flashlight too. She only carries the phone for emergencies, so I signed her up on a plan that is only $3.33 a month. One of her friends loved the phone and picked one up too. She's a talker and I know that she went with a plan that lets her talk and text for $10 a month.

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