Emirates to lend Microsoft Surface tablets to certain passengers on U.S. bound non-stop flights


Dubai based Emirates airline has found a way for its passengers to get around the electronics ban that was announced last month for certain flights landing on U.S. soil . The ban affects flights departing from Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates; it prevents passengers from carrying into the cabin any electronics device larger than a cellphone. Those devices can be placed inside luggage being carried inside the plane.

Emirates, one of nine airlines affected by the ban, is getting around it by lending passengers on non-stop flights heading to the U.S., a Microsoft Surface tablet. Since the slates are being given out by the airline and are not carried on board by a passenger, the ban does not apply to them. Emirates is offering the tablet to those holding a first and business class ticket for a non-stop flight to the U.S.

The airline suggests that passengers eligible to receive a tablet download their work on a USB device, and then upload it onto the tablet so it can be accessed during the flight. The loaner Surface tablets come with Office 2016 pre-loaded. The tablet loaner program was announced by Emirates yesterday.

Late last month, the airline also announced a way for passengers to use their laptops until just before boarding a U.S. bound flight, instead of checking them inside their luggage. This gives passengers some additional work time before having to be separated from their banned devices.

Other airlines have similar plans. Etihad
is is giving first and business class passengers an Apple iPad loaner, while Qatar Airways is lending passengers in business class a laptop computer. And those traveling to the states on Turkish Airlines will receive free Wi-Fi for their phones if they turn in their tablets or laptops before boarding.

For more on Emirates tablet lending program, click on the video at the top of the story.

source: Emirates viaBusinessInsider
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