Elon Musk says Android apps could come to Tesla cars

Elon Musk says Android apps could come to Tesla cars
If you are a geek, but you don't have $60,000+ just sitting around somewhere, you probably wish you did so you could afford a Tesla (or, like us, you're waiting for the ~$30k Tesla that is expected in the next few years). Uber inventor Elon Musk's Tesla cars are a tech dream with tons of cool little features and one giant 17-inch tablet-like display as the center console. That 17-inch display runs Linux with custom software, but Elon Musk says that it could eventually run Android apps.

Musk was speaking to employees at a new Tesla service center in Munich recently, and just after calling hydrogen fuel cells in cars "bullshit", Musk went on to talk about upgrades that are planned for the Tesla center console. In responding to a question about when development will open up to third parties, Musk said that the console first needs localization for a number of regions, and a browser upgrade to Chrome. 

He then went on to say that once those things are done, app development could open up, and allow developers to port Android or iOS apps to the console. But, to make things even easier, the team is considering building a full Android emulator into the console, which should be pretty easy given that it already runs Linux. If that happens, users would be able to run windowed Android apps right on screen. 

We've set the video to start at the bit where Musk talks about Android and apps, but if you want the part about hydrogen fuel cells in cars being "bullshit" just rewind to about 29:00.

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source: Wired

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