E-mail from Jobs says Apple will soon send upgrade to 3G users to fix issues with iOS 4

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E-mail from Jobs says Apple will soon send upgrade to 3G users to fix issues with iOS 4
Last month, we reported that Apple was looking into problems that iPhone 3G users were having with their handset digesting iOS 4. The guys in Cupertino must have found something that needs to be fixed as an e-mail from Steve Jobs made it clear that a software upgrade was coming soon. The e-mail came in response to a complaint from a customer who said that his iPhone 3G was "dog slow" running the new operating system. He said that he was having problems while scrolling, zooming and typing and wanted to find an Apple supported method to convert his phone back to the older OS.

The response from Apple's CEO was brief. While "Software update coming soon," was all that was written, it would seem that Jobs is talking about iOS 4.1 which currently is being tested by developers. The 4.1 betas have apparently shown improvement with their performance running on the iPhone 3G, and that is great news for those who have been experiencing problems with the new OS on their old device.

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source: MacRumors



1. ilia1986 unregistered

God.. is this real? I mean - I know not all devices are perfect.. and I heard that iOS 4 causes SOME problems on the iPhone 3G.. but if half of what is shown in the video is true - then this is an iPiece of shit!! I never thought an iPhone can cause such technical problems! I hate my current phone because it sometimes responds in the way shown in the video - but I always believed the iPhone to be pure - clean of any major malfunctions and bugs.

2. vent unregistered

actually that's how it is working on iPhones 3G... iTouch 2G have not so slow responses... 3Gs and 4G indeed work blazing fast with the new OS, I honestly don't know what is the technical reason for it to work worse on older devices and better in newer... maybe some of the stuff that makes windows 7 work better than xp in newer pcs but worse in older... anyway there's nothing vital on iOS4 for older devices, 3.1.3 works much better

3. ilia1986 unregistered

Well, there's folders. Thats one thing you can't live without right now with a phone which is based on apps. But seriously. Allowing even one of your products to function like this for even a limited period of time is shameful. At least the iPhone 4 Antenna problem can be solved with a case. Here - you're either forced to switch to an old firmware version - or continue to suffer until the alleged patch. This is (yet another) serious flaw in an apple device.

4. vent unregistered

yes, that's pretty much the only "worth" new feature. however I found myself very comfortable even without them, since I never happen to have more than two or three pages of apps... I don't really see the point of having more than that

5. ilia1986 unregistered

But you got yourself an iPhone - a phone that is built around apps. Why not exploit it's full potential? I don't have an iPhone - but I already have almost 200 distinct apps on my iTunes account - and all of them for free. I'ts like going to a mall with about 25% of everything being free.

8. vent unregistered

Simply because it's not an apps based phone, it's a web browser, a phone and a music player... And apps are an extra, it's easy to fill 11 pages of freebies but when you owned it for two years you just open your eyes and realise how productive it can be and how a few apps are enough. Talking about games, though, takes this to another level, and I'd rather buy just two or three cute games that help me spend waiting times and that stuff. I wouldn't use it as a console since I could get a next gen console for the same price.

6. klfjf unregistered

why push the cow to go 20mph when it can ONLY wanna move 10mph..lmao

7. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

LOL, even my N97 isn't as slow as that, and that's underpowered.

9. Johnny Tapa unregistered

This phone won't be popular in Malaysia. I only see a few people using Ipone ( First generation to Iphone 3gs). Even the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic with the crapy Symbian OS is more popular here in Malaysia compare to Iphone & Android.

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