Don't get stuck on line, pay for your ticket using Bytemark's NY Waterway app

Don't get stuck on line, pay for your ticket using Bytemark's NY Waterway app
Living in a bustling metropolis has its perks and advantages when it comes to getting around. In New York City in particular, there’s a vast collection of ways to get around. From taking a taxi, or hopping on a subway train, commuters have a plethora of options to choose from – and having choice is always a good thing. Figuring out what to use for mass transportation is one thing, but then there’s the process of having to pay for the service.

Very recently, we had the opportunity of meeting up with the folks over at Bytemark, a leading provider of mobile commerce, where we were introduced to the future of how commuters purchase fares. In particular, Bytemark has been busy since 2012 developing and improving its free New York Waterway app for Android and iOS – with even more improvements and innovations being made in the process. For those of you unfamiliar with New York Waterway, they’re the largest private ferry operator in the country, offering commuters an alternative way of getting in and out of New York City.

Driving and taking the train are options that are available for every commuter, but New York Waterway takes a more scenic approach with its ferry service. In our experience of having travel in and out of the city via the subway, there’s no quick and easy way to pay for the fares. Instead, if we’re running late for a meeting, we’re still required to purchase at a ticket via the machine stands/operators at most locations. With the New York Waterway app, however, they’ve streamlined the process by making it all accessible through your mobile phone.

The app itself handles the entire transaction, from the purchase all the way to ticketing, it’s done in a seamless manner – taking out the frustration from the conventional way of paying for the service. Time is money, so it’s undoubtedly great that Bytemark’s latest update to the NY Waterway app keeps its users in command. Better yet, its reach is expanding constantly, as they’ve also come out with an app for Windows Phone as well – complementing its Android and iOS apps.

CEO of Bytemark, Micah Bergdale, said: “Bytemark is thrilled to release Version 2.0 of the NY Waterway app. As the first mobile ticketing app ever created for a major U.S. transit agency, the NY Waterway app has been an integral part of Bytemark’s mission to provide mobile ticketing technologies to transit industries worldwide.

Therefore, the next time you’re thinking about getting in or out of the Big Apple, it’ll be wise to think about using the NY Waterway ferry service, which is made better not only for the scenic approach that comes with taking the ferry, but also in the experience of paying for the service. When you’re on the go, you can’t afford time to wait on a line to purchase a ticket – you might miss your ride. Don’t let that happen to you, so check out the NY Waterway app.

source: Bytemark

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