Does the iPhone SE's recycled design put you off, or you're still hot about that 5s look?

It's been two days since Apple took the Cupertino City Hall for itself one last time to reveal the iPhone SE, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, and some Apple Watch goodies among other things like a gentle iPhone-dismantling robot and enough environment talk to last us through the next Ice Age. During that time, it became clear that the resurrected 4-incher is the first brand-new iPhone whose announcement didn't stir the kind of excitement usually associated with such faithful events. Surfing the waves of social media comments, tech media publications, and opinions among our acquaintances, we return to coast with a sum of their collective impression – the iPhone SE is not a big deal.

How come? Apple is basically selling a $399 iPhone 6s in a smaller package! Yes, it doesn't have 3D Touch, the fingerprint scanner is merely 'fast' rather than 'wicked fast', and the 4-inch display is not for everyone. But still, this little monstrosity packs a mean punch for the moolah! It even comes in Rose Gold! What's the discontent?

In discussing Apple's freshly-introduced iPhone SE, a fair argument has persisted among technological writers and user commentary. The smartphone is unquestionably new, but it doesn't feel new, and therefore exciting. That's because it uses a three year-old design – that of the iPhone 5s (2013). That handset was based on the iPhone 5 (2012), itself a rework of the iPhone 4/4s design (2010/2011) with a taller screen and aluminum back.

Depending on how cynical one's perspective is, the 'new' iPhone SE looks like a smartphone that was hip between three to six years ago. And marketing a recycled design is a big no, especially in the year of novelty-chasing smartphones. In the majority of cases, if one's waiting a year or two to upgrade (actually longer, in the case of iPhone 5s owners), and they're paying cash for a new smartphone, they'd expect a fancy new toy, rather than a product that's the same, but better.

We're actually content with Apple's decision, both from practical and aesthetic viewpoints. But we'd love to learn your opinion on the matter. Are you welcoming towards the iPhone 5s' distinctive look and feel being dusted off the shelves for a new run? Or does the iPhone SE's recycled design simply put you off? Vote here and let us know in the comments section below!

Does the iPhone SE's recycled design bother you?

Yes, I expected a brand new design
No, I'm content with Apple bringing the iPhone 5S love back

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