Does Windows Phone get a fair shake in US retail stores?

Does Windows Phone get a fair shake in US retail stores?
For someone who is thinking about getting their first smartphone, the array of choices can make the purchase a daunting task. While the tech savvy crowd takes to their favorite websites to get in-depth information on available mobile devices, the average customer relies on store representatives to present them with unbiased recommendations based on their needs. The question is, are these people receiving equal and adequate information about the available phones?

In the video below, where the names of people and companies have been beeped out to protect the innocent, a caller plays the role of a flip phone owner looking to purchase his first smart phone. When he asks what smartphones they carry, the representative replies, “We have Androids and BlackBerrys in stock.” After being specifically asked if they carry smartphones from Apple, the representative admits that they do, but they are currently out of stock. The caller then says to confirm, “So all the smartphones you carry are Apple, Android, and BlackBerry?’ to which the representative responds, “Correct.”

Further along in the conversation, the caller states that his son was telling him about a phone with Xbox features. The representative says, “Oh, that’s a Windows Phone.” After being lead a bit, she admits that Windows Phone is another type of smartphone she forgot to mention. She says they carry “a couple” of them but if you’re not into gaming, their 4G LTE phones are their best selling phones.

So what do you think? Do you think conversations like this are commonplace and can affect a device’s sales numbers or was this an isolated incident of an undereducated employee? We think everyone can agree that this woman hearts 4G LTE.

source: WMPoweruser
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