Do you like the design of the new Motorola phones?


So Motorola's refreshed Moto line-up for 2015 is now official, as you all likely know by now. Whether it's the G, the X Play, or the X Style, it's fair to say that each and every one of them offers a pretty amazing value for your money in its class. But do you like the way they're all designed?

Now, we're only asking because we seem to have a disagreement at the office, with a split in opinions. It would appear that the majority of us agree that the backs are kind of nice, especially when you add leather to the equation, but the front is a bit of a contested territory. Some of us think it looks awfully generic, even off-putting, while others either don't mind it that much, or actually find it attractive. It's obvious that, in cases like this, it's best to ask for a third opinion.

So how do you like them new Motorola devices, solely in terms of design? Let us know by voting in the poll below!

Do you like the design of the new Motorola phones?

Meh, it's passable

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