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Do you like how the Google Pixel Buds look?

Last week, Google announced its own pair of wireless earbuds, mirroring products like the Apple AirPods. But Google's headset comes with its own perks — for one, you've got 3 different colors to pick from, and you've also got the amazing real-time translation!

When the AirPods were announced last year, they got their fair share of mockery. They certainly look a bit peculiar and many were quick to peg them as being "ugly". Well, the Google Buds also have their own unique appearance with a large bulgy pad sticking out of the user's ears. Yes, it's used as the touch area for controls and Google Voice Assistant activation. But... it still has that uber-size earring look.

So, what do you think about the way the Pixel Buds look?

Do you like how the Pixel Buds look?

Yeah, sure!
Who cares, headphones are headphones


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