Displays now the second most important phone element

Displays now the second most important phone element
You can’t have missed the huge transition to smartphones - people from all ages and backgrounds are quickly adopting the smart devices, and as they do, their idea of what’s most important in a device changes.

While the general category of reliability has always been on top and remains there, the importance of a screen has grown hugely and is now the second most important smartphone feature, according to Amplified Analytics research. Come to think of it, displays now basically control almost your whole smartphone experience, so it’s a logical shift.

Interestingly, Amplified Analytics’ research is not a direct survey - rather it relies on user reviews and analyzes their contents, weighing how much importance each of the elements is getting.

Usability and battery life are ranked third and fourth most important features, and you can see all of the rest in a neat table below. There, it’s easily noticeable how user preferences changed over the year. What’s the most important smartphone feature for you?

source: Amplified Analytics via PocketNow

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