Dell to sell Pharos' Traveller 117 and 127 smartphones

Dell to sell Pharos' Traveller 117 and 127 smartphones
Apparently, they're not ready to sell the devices, however Two Pharos branded handhelds have popped up on Dell's website, only to be removed a short time later - the Pharos 117 and 127 smartphones.  Original device manufacturer Inventec, known for the Velocity phones, is also behind the Traveller series.  The phones offer 7.2Mbps HSDPA, a 2 megapixel camera, a 0.3 megapixel front-facing VGA camera for video calling and taking those funny 2 AM videos of yourself, A-GPS, and Windows Mobile 6.1, along with the Microsoft Office Mobile suite.  Inaddition, the 117 model sports a VGA touchscreen, while the 127 has afull QWERTY keyboard.  Both units offer 4 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby.  So for those that are looking for something beyond the typical BlackBerry or Palm smartphone, this may be just for you.  Just be sure to look past the unnecessary "GPS" logo at the top of the phone.

Besides specifications, exciting information is lacking at the moment.  Rest assured, we'll bring you more details when we have them!

Source: IntoMobile and wmpoweruser



2. unregistered

seriously, i think it is a curve, with windows

3. unregistered

what service provider is carrying them?

4. unregistered

it says t-mobile on the picture of the 117 and thay are GSM so t-mobile would make sense.....

5. unregistered

they* sorry apparently i couldnt spell. :)

1. unregistered

that phone has an uncanny resemblance to the curve

6. unregistered

the other one looks like a htc touch pro

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