Dell Venue Pro is yet again being delayed in the UK

Dell Venue Pro is yet again being delayed in the UK
Just when things were starting to look bright for UK consumers, it looks like they’re once again being given the grim news about yet another delay for the Dell Venue Pro.

Everything was looking all smooth just a little bit over a week ago as UK online retailer Expansys hinted that the phone was going to be shipping soon. However, fast forward to today, we find both Expansys and Clove now saying that the Windows Phone 7 powered device won’t be shipping until early March. Obviously, this is going to be a bummer for the many people still waiting around for it, but it makes you wonder what is the root cause for all the delays.

Now that it’s looking to be March bound, it’s rather difficult to say if it’ll be a relevant device at that point – especially with MWC right around the corner. Nevertheless, it’s still by far one of the most alluring WP7 handsets on the market today, but time is definitely going to take its toll.

source: Expansys & Clove via Pocket Now

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