Deal: Google Pixel Stand is 25% off at Best Buy

Deal: Google Pixel Stand is 25% off at Best Buy
If you happen to own a Pixel 3 or 3 XL smartphone that you want to keep using for another year or so, you should buy a Pixel Stand to turn it into a Google Home smart speaker. Granted, the cheapest Google Home smart speaker costs a lot less than a Pixel Stand, the latter offers a couple of other functionalities specifically designed for a smartphone.

For starters, you can use its wireless charging capabilities, as well as enjoy seamless integration with the Nest product in your home while the Pixel 3 charges. Furthermore, you can set a light to slowly brighten before the alarm goes off.

The Pixel Stand supports other Qi-compatible devices, it's not just the Pixel 3, so it should be good for everyone who owns such a smartphone. If you're tempted to acquire one, Best Buy is now selling the Pixel Stand for just $60, so you'll be saving $20 if you buy it right now.

Also, Amazon is matching Best Buy's deal, so you have another alternative in case you don't like buying stuff from one or another. Just take a decision fast since the deal won't be live for too long.


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1. TBomb

Posts: 1482; Member since: Dec 28, 2012

does the Pixel 4 not have plans to be able to utilize the wireless charger? I'm asking because I have $100 in google store credit I need to use before the end of the month. I wouldn't mind getting the stand i it has plans to work with the P4.

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