De Blob Revolution for the iPhone test

De Blob Revolution for the iPhone test
Back in 2008 we reviewed a plethora of games for the iPhone that would set you back with $10 or less and one of them was De Blob by THQ. In that game your colourful character was supposed to re-paint entire neighbourhoods on his quest to defeat the bad paint patrols of the evil corporation INKT and their loathsome goal to keep the city as black and white as possible. It´s now 2010 and your character is yet again called upon, only this time you are to enter various buildings and save your Graydias brethren. This is what you have to do in De Blob Revolution for the iPhone.

The game is a logic puzzle really, although you will have to deal pretty quickly with the challenges in two of the game modes. Speaking of which, there are three of them – Rescue, Speed Rescue and INKT Chase. It´s a cool thing that the three modes, along with the difficulty setting itself are unlocked gradually as you play, depending on how properly you have handled the gameplay. In a nutshell, most of you will probably unlock the second mode just before getting bored. By the time you find out the second is not that hard really, you will have unlocked the third mode and the difficulty settings.

The game features brilliant graphics and soundtrack with unique own style that we do like. Unfortunately, the gameplay will get you bored to death rather quickly. Many of you may end up addicted to the game and find themselves playing it for a certain time, until all challenges have been unlocked, but we can hardly imagine anyone would opt for a second playthrough. Even more so, given you are still not allowed to compare your De Blob Revolution score to that of other people around the globe. Fans of logic puzzles will probably find the title appealing enough to shell out $2.99 (a price tag that we consider slightly steep for what you get really) from the App Store.

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