DataXoom partners with major US carriers to bring customized, flexible data plans to business customers

DataXoom partners with major US carriers to bring customized, flexible data plans to business custom
Berkeley, California-based company DataXoom has an interesting proposition towards business owners looking for cost-effective, customized business data plans. DataXoom has partnered with the four major US carriers, using their data networks to create the first value-added wholesale mobile data services to businesses. The need for such services stems from the simple fact that businesses have much different needs than consumers.

The way businesses function is not suited to the typical data plans offered to individual consumers, based on 2-year contracts, termination fees, device subsidies, and generally inflexible plans with breakage and overage charges. DataXoom thinks it knows better about what business are after, offering those interested a choice of networks and mobile devices, flexible mobile data pricing options, and omitting annual contracts and penalty fees. DataXoom sells pay-as-you-go data bundles, or optional pools of mobile data that suits a business's size and exact mobile data needs.

In addition to offering businesses affordable data plans via the top underlying wireless networks in the U.S., DataXoom offers clients a range of tools to optimize their companies’ data use. Advanced controls include usage alerts and limits, wireless usage monitoring and controls, and telecom expense management features. Customers are entitled to detailed insights into mobile usage and spend across multiple wireless carrier networks.

DataXoom offers prospective clients a free 12 month data usage assessment to accurately predict savings based on real historical data. Current clients report saving between 15% and 40% per year with DataXoom, and tout the company's flexible terms for business, as well as the lack of set up and terminations fees. In addition, DataXoom is opening up a sales network for vendors of integrated solutions looking to outfit their clients with mobile hardware, specialized apps for field workers, and connectivity to the mobile internet.

source: DataXoom

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